Good morning!

Good morning!
We are in need of some help. We are looking for a brave person to get our Chalice of Hope back. The Prince’s councillor has stolen it from us and wants to use its power so he can overthrow the prince and take his castle.

Will you help us get it back? Will you take on this quest?

Great! Go to the armory and let’s get you started so we can print your personal Bracelet of Courage. This bracelet will give you the extra courage you need to complete your quest. All right, you’re all set! Go to Merlin’s Workshop and get his help to get into the castle and across the moat.

Merlin: “Hello there, I have been told that you need help crossing the moat so you can get into the castle. I will teach you how to create a magic formula that will allow you to walk on water.”

Throw your formula into the moat and cross it to get into the castle.

Your trusted sidekick is in the dungeon jail. The jail is located deep in the cellar of the castle. Go to the key maker and ask him to help you break your friend out so he can help you complete your quest.

Great! Two is always better than one. Now you can really get started on that quest to get our Chalice of Hope back.

Oh no! By breaking out your friend you’ve woken the dragon guarding the dungeons. You will have to go past the dragon’s den and you will have to defeat it before you can go any further!
The dragon whispered the following secret to you with it’s dying breath. “code” Go to the code breaker to help you decipher this message.

I think the code breaker can help you decipher that. Go to the code breaker’s room and convince him to help you out.

It appears that the chalice is broken into pieces to make it more difficult for us to assemble it. You can go to the junkyard and gather the pieces that you need. Follow the instructions to find the pieces you need.

Found all the pieces? Great now you have everything you need to reassemble the chalice. Go to the smithy and get the smith’s help in reassembling the chalice.

Finally, we have the Chalice of Hope in our possession. Bring it to our head friar, he’s waiting on the crossroads outside the castle.

Wait, do you hear that? They’ve realised that the Chalice of Hope is missing. Hurry! Outrun the guards! Use the exploding bridge to escape. The builder will help you out.

Congratulations! You have completed your quest.