What does a day at Hak4Kidz look like?

08:30 Registration
09:00 Opening speech
09:30 Start of day
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Start second half
15:00 Price Ceremony
15:30 Close of the day with short reception

The day starts at 8u30. Parents and children will register before continuing on. During registration the kids will receive their T-shirts and the parents will get a schedule. Afterwards we can start our adventure.

We have a number 10 activity stations where the kids learn by doing an activity and we have a couple of workshops. This year we have tried to tie together the different stations by a storyline. The kids can try the activity stations in the order they appear in the story or they can switch it up and do as they please.

During the day there will be a number of workshops planned. Kids need to register beforehand for the workshop as the number of seats will be limited. This year there will also be a workshop that will require an additional fee due to the extra equipment that's involved. Thanks to NRJ Security and Wim Remes the kids will receive sponsored Raspberri Pis => Thank you Wim!!



Raspberri Pi

This workshop will teach the kids a little bit about setting up their own server. To keep it interesting we will show the kids how to set up their own Minecraft server. We'll teach them how to safely set the Minecraft server up so they can play with their friends.

*Please do not forget to register for this workshop when buying tickets

Coder Dojo and mbots

This workshop will teach the kids a little bit about programming robots. This workshop is available throughout the day so please stop by to learn a little more about Scratch, a visual programming language, and programming robots.



This activity station teaches kids about electricity and how circuits work.
They learn about capacitors and resistors. 


This year there will be another popsicle physics station. However, we created an exercise that requires no glue this year and contains an explosive surprise. (disclaimer: no actual explosives will be used, a lot of H4K volunteers got sick eating popsicles)

Fight the dragon

Ever wonder how a Kinect allows you to play those games on the Xbox? Well this year you can find out. 


During this activity the kids get to enjoy demolishing old electronics. After their demolition rampage they get to identify certain hardware elements. 


During this activity the kids get to learn how a lock works. We try and teach them a problem-solving approach by trial and error exercises. A lock is just a big puzzle waiting to be solved. 

Merlin's Workshop

Learn about chemistry and walking on water.

Code breaker

A workshop to teach the kids about how to encrypt and decrypt messages. Techniques such as Caesar's cypher will be explained.


3D printing